Terms of use


Please read this Policy carefully, along with the Privacy Policy.

Vorb is a social media tool operated by Matter II Media (We, Us) to provide services to its Users.

Vorb stores, processes and displays data (User Material) as provided originally by Users to public social media platforms (The Platforms).

Vorb collates User Material in units known as vorbs on the basis of hashtags and account identifiers provided by Users to The Platforms.

User Material includes:

  1. Videos: videos uploaded to The Platforms;
  2. Images: images uploaded to, or derived from videos uploaded to, The Platforms;
  3. User-provided Post Data: data provided by Users to accompany Videos and Images such as comments and hashtags.

All User Material stored, processed or displayed by Vorb is public, i.e. was intended by its origin User for display to any User, at the time of upload to The Platforms.

Vorb does not display any User Material not originally provided to The Platforms.

Vorb does not guarantee that User Material provided to one of The Platforms and bearing a hashtag used in a vorb will be displayed in the vorb at all, or displayed on the vorb for any particular time or times.

What you can expect from Us

We will endeavour to maintain the availability of User Material stored within Vorb. We cannot guarantee the availability or persistence of the User Material stored within Vorb. Neither can we provide assurances about, or are We responsible for, the persistence or availability of the original User Material uploaded to The Platforms.

We will endeavour to respond to the deletion of User Material on The Platforms as fast as possible. by witholding it from display via Vorb.


We reserve the right to change the Policy from time to time.

The law applicable to this Policy is the law of England.