Please read this Policy carefully, along with the Terms of Use.

Vorb is a social media tool operated by Matter II Media (We, Us) to provide services to its Users. We respect theĀ  privacy of our Users. We recognise the right of Users to remain in control of their personal data.

Vorb stores, processes and displays data (User Material) as provided originally by Users to public social media platforms (The Platforms).

Vorb collates User Material in units known as vorbs on the basis of hashtags and account identifiers provided by Users to The Platforms.

User Material includes:

  1. Videos: videos uploaded to The Platforms (which do not become stored by Vorb);
  2. Images: images uploaded to, or derived from videos uploaded to, The Platforms (which do not become stored by Vorb);
  3. User-provided Post Data: data provided by Users to accompany Videos and Images such as comments and hashtags.

At the same time, We need to gather certain data in order to provide Users with the functionality of Vorb through the Website ( and other Services provided by The Platform.

By using the Website, you (You, The User), agree to the terms of our privacy policy (Policy). This Policy covers all aspects of your use of the Platform.

The Data

The Data covered by this Policy consists of: (1) User Material used by Vorb but which falls under the terms imposed by The Platform to which it was originally uploaded, together with applicable laws; (2) data acquired through your use of Vorb via a web browser; and (3) data belonging to Us: data generated by Vorb in order to operate Vorb on your behalf, and/or gathered by us as part of the operation of Vorb.

User Material

The User Material you upload remains under the terms by which you uploaded it to The Platform involved, plus applicable laws. Should you delete the original, it will become removed from display by Vorb.

The identifiers we use

We store and process identifiers stored publicly through your use of The Platforms, including your handle and the URL of your profile picture.

We use data files called cookies containing identifiers generated by Vorb, and download them to your devices to distinguish different web browsers used by you in accessing Vorb.

We store and process the IP address of the device from which you access Vorb, in some circumstances.

We store and process data describing the type of web browser through which you access Vorb, in some circumstances.

Our use of the Data

We use the Data for the following purposes:

  1. To provide the functionality of Vorb
  2. To gather statistics about the operation of Vorb
  3. To protect Vorb against usage that could impair the operation of Vorb

Where we store the Data

Vorb stores the data only on servers in the European Union.

Which Data we reveal & do not reveal to third parties

We reveal statistics to third parties, including business partners, without revealing identifying information thereby.


We reserve the right to change the Policy from time to time.

The law applicable to this Policy is the law of England.