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What is a vorb?

A vorb is a live, interactive orb of videos for bringing people together. Vorb creates and binds communities around topics they care about.


Choose a hashtag, put out a call to action to upload videos to social media and start a VORB.



Vorb pulls the videos with your hashtag and wraps them around a live interactive orb on the web.



Add your branding & curate the content. Play the VORB, post about it, project it at events.


Check out some of the vorbs we've created so far.

Oracle MBX

Almost 4000 business delegates attended Oracle's inspirational MBX Summit at London’s ExCel Centre. They enjoyed demos & workshops, and heard keynotes from Safra Katz, Deborah Meaden and Brian Cox. At the centre of the vast exhibition was the interactive vorb.

"Using the Vorb presented a great opportunity to visually represent on-site engagement." Oracle

Twitter Live

Twitter hosted this inspiring experience to celebrate passions on Twitter. Guests got to see wonderful Twitter works of art, including a vorb on a sphere suspended from the ceiling, playing videos which the guests selected on a tablet below.

"We loved the vorb!" Twitter

Why Vorb

Fire up your audience with their own video stories about what they - and you - care about.

A vorb is a single, easily shared and navigated place to play the video collection.

Enable fans to join in live events and remember them online.

And there's more...

Sphere Magic

Vorbs represent communities and spark discussion - globes are more inspiring than social 'walls'.

Project your vorb on a flat screen or a physical sphere or even in a planetarium.

And for extra magic: your audience can choose which video the projected vorb plays from their mobiles. Ask us about this!

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The Spark

Vorbs are living and breathing; always changing, always creating tribes, sparking conversations.

For brands, communications, events and online campaigns. Connect with video. Their story. And yours.

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